I can't help but create


I love creating because I get to solve problems with art. Whether I'm writing copy for a site or working on one of my novels, helping businesses succeed with SEO and CRO, or just taking pictures, I do my best. Let's make something great!

Erik saved my life when I had the chance to publish a long article on FORBES.COM and needed a good writer to proof my article. His turnaround was exactly the 24 hours we agreed on and his brilliant version with a great reading flow went up unchanged on Forbes the day later.
— Christoph C. Cemper, CEO of LinkResearchTools

About Me

  • Senior Content Strategist at Optimal Digital Marketing
  • Copywriter and Editor since 2006
  • Search Engine Optimization experience since 2011
  • Conversion Rate Optimization experience since 2012
  • Analysis skills (I can be critical, in a good way!)
  • EBook Creation and Marketing
  • Amateur Music Reviewer
  • Occasional Photographer
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