I love taking pictures. Surprisingly, most of these were taken with my iPhone 6. I know, they're pretty sweet for being phone pics. A couple of them were even featured in downtown Appleton, WI.

church door, appleton wi

I was taking a midday walk on a crisp spring day, and I had to stop. Its brilliant red wood, black iron hinges and tree branch shadows were too good to miss. It was displayed in Appleton's Houdini Plaza during Mile of Music.

Rail Bridge, appleton wi

People are shocked to hear this was taken downtown Appleton. Just a few hundred yards off of Lawe St. and across the river from Lawrence University is this serene walkway. It was also displayed in Appleton's Houdini Plaza during Mile of Music.


Rail bridge walkway, appleton wi

Here's another angle of the rail bridge walkway in downtown Appleton, WI. Like the one above, I snapped this in Fall of 2014. If you seek it out, be careful. It's not paved. Several boards are missing and a misstep could send you careening into the river.

Walking path, Downtown APPLETON WI

Once you cross the railway bridge, you will find yourself hemmed in on both sides by leaves brightly colored by their seasonal twilight. Where does the path lead? One can only push ahead to find out.

shuffleboarding @ olde town tavern, downtown APPLETON WI

There's always something going on in downtown Appleton if you know where to look. Here, a few of my coworkers are locked in an overly competitive game of shuffleboard at Olde Town Tavern. 

Planning his shot @ KK Billiards - Downtown Appleton, WI

Speaking of games, hidden in the basement off of College Avenue is the pool-lover's paradise. KK Billiards has pool, ping-pong and food - just what you need when you have a big group of friends looking to hang out and play some games. Mostly obscured by shadows, here's my friend John lining up his shot.